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While Prodyne is most widely known for our original Gourmet Cheese Slicer, we’ve expanded our product line over the years to over 250 high quality, unique consumer products at affordable prices. With thousands of 5-star product reviews and hundreds of high performance designs, we’re certain you’ll add more form and function to your kitchen and dining experience with any number of our products. Click here to shop all of our products, or browse our product categories below:

Prodyne Cheese Slicer


Prodyne was founded in 1971 when we invented the original Gourmet Cheese Slicer, a solution to America’s need for a reliable Cheese Slicer with an innovative built in wire cutter at an affordable price.As engineers, we knew we could provide it.After a year of designing, prototyping and testing, our Cheese Slicer was born. We applied for a U.S. patent and introduced it to the market.

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